The Effectiveness of Interactive Learning Based on Quizziz Applications Among Students of Tourism and Hospitality Marketing


  • Emilyn Nojen Politeknik METrO Betong Sarawak, Bandar baru Betong, Betong, Sarawak, Malaysia


Teaching and Learning, Quizziz Application, Interactive Learning


Various techniques and approaches are introduced to ensure the teaching process more interesting and efficient. In line with global progress, educators are beginning to be interested in integrating the R&D process with technological advances, such as; the same online application available for free or for free. Quizziz application is one of the methods in today's interactive learning. It is an alternative method that enhances student motivation in classroom learning. The purpose of this study is to look at the effectiveness of this method on students taking Tourism and Hospitality course to understand and remember the concept of marketing in tourism and hospitality industry. Besides that, through class through online can increase their desire to build student self-esteem. In this study, researcher involve third semester of Tourism Management students in Politeknik METrO Betong Sarawak which only have 15 students in the class to be the respondent for this study. Based on previous observations made through the knowledge test in the classroom, it was found that the results obtained by the student sample were at a poor level. The use of the Quizziz application portal in the form of personal trainings, reviews and online assignments has shown that students are increasingly stimulated and excited to learn the concept of marketing in tourisn and hospitality industry. The findings show that there is an increase in student achievement where the comparison between the Pre-Action Test and the After-Action Test towards these 15 students has showed good improvement. In addition, the findings from the questionnaire also showed that students also showed interest and interest in the teaching method. Therefore, this online teaching method is an effective alternative medium for teaching DTM5043 Tourism and Hospitality course.


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